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Drunken Halo: Episode 110

In this episode, Justin and Travis discuss a little bit more about Hunt The Truth while answering an email.


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Well this low budget podcast helped a bunch tonight on my graveyard shift. Nothing like moping floors and selling cigarettes while listening to Drunken Halo. Good times. I chose not to care about any story decisions 343 makes in the future since they keep taking massive dumps on the community with every chance they get. However on the topic of the marketing of Halo 3 and Halo in general. They always display a massive pivotal moment and then chuck it out the window. Case in point. The capture of the Chief by Pomegranate Knight #666, chief is captured and scanned and gets an up close and personal flare with Didact. NOPE NOT IN THE GAME. Halo 4 did have a nod to the Start Night trailer for H3 by showing the Chief back flip kicking the Hammer Chieftain in the opening cutscene. THE Believe trailer with all the toys depicting a massive battle and the story being told by a old man who survived the battle (a vidoc of sorts) was good for feels but not much else.

MEH 343 Sanctioned the death of the Rookie and as has as I am concerned they jumped the shark far too many times.

CHIEF is probably riding his giant Forerunner War Sphinx/ Giant Metal Owl / Mendicant Bias and wrecking ONI but those with impunity that's fine. Agent Lock(out) can eat a dick he was a two dimensional character in Nightfall and I won't expect much from him in Halo 5. Glad to know you don't have cancer rearing it's ugly head in your life man, sad to say Halo's current story is riddled with it right now.

April 10, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterTommy

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