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Drunken Halo: Episode 40

Justin and Travis ae joined by special guests Andrew Gagnon, and Dust and Echeos co-host The Woaf, as they discuss the controversy surrounding the Game Informer Hallo 4 article.  We also take a moment to announce the launch of the much anticipated Drunken Halo Forum!

Drunken Halo: Episode 40

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The Quim Ninja gets the cookie... he was the first to join the DRUNKEN HALO forums so clearly sat quiently waiting for the podcast to upload, listen then hit the forums running!! A warning he typs with a UK accent, so youll have to read slowly to understand.. BULLOCKS!!

April 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAndrew Gagnon

awesome show, again sorry i wasn't able to join on but more pressing matters were occupying my time (i.e. sleeping). As usual there is far too much for me to actually comment on here and i'm sure siggi will cover it all. ill just say the image i have of Travis shitting on a fence gets me a bit aroused every time i think of it, in my head he is wearing a belly dancer's outfit complete with vale and scarves and the actual squatting on the fence is incorporated into a mystical and hypnotic dance that he is performing just for me, so releasing the video would only ruin the whole experience i've built up in my head.

April 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterThe Quim Ninja

Thought i would make another quick comment here. This one is specifically for Justin, check out the latest sparkcast which seemed to be released on the same day as this, it should at least some of your fears. Coincidence? I think not.

April 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterThe Quim Ninja

Once I got over my Scary Robot Voice I really enjoyed this show. I didn't repeat myself as much is I thought I did until the end of the show so...

The best thing about it was having Travis back though I do feel rather guilty for tormenting him by withholding that news for ages!

I also feel very honoured to have shared a guest spot with the legendary Mr Gagnon!

Oh! I promised I'd head off and watch those vids he posted in the forums this morning! Catch ya Soon!

P.S. Hopefully it won't be too long before I can return the favour and get you on our show!

April 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterThe Woaf

Hey Justin, my first time writing here, although i have been trough about 10 episodes of Drunken Halo.

You really need to get a little positive. Its not like i agree with everithing about Halo 4 and some of the thigs really starts to look like Cock of Duty, but i believe, that if they keep the core Halo gameplay and implemet the changes in the way that they will be ballanced and "Halo", it could be easilly even the best Halo game. As The Woaf kept to repeat, we still havent seen enough and we cant judge the game.

343i might not proove it self yet, but in the studio, thre is actually some ppl with looong gaming developement history and with lots of great games behind them. There Is Sotaro Tojima (audio director) who worked on metal Gear series, there is Kenneth Scoth who is art mind behind Rage, there is ppl who worked in gearbox on Borderlands, there is woman who is one of the best 3d engine programers in the world and she...

I know that wont change your mind, but my self, i feel Halo 4 is in good hands.

And that Anniversary game. I actually thing that they have done amusing job whoever build that game. Just compare it to other "so called" HD remakes, wich are actually only old games with higher resolution. With HCEA you get all new graphics, new sounds, re--recorded soundtrack (you can swith to old one), amusing terminals, skulls wich alter the gameplay, co-op, some of the best Reach maps....it may not be polished properly, but in my eyes they did an amusing job. And i forgot to mention, it didnt even have a price of a full game.

Again. You need to get a little positive. I almost felt like you want to be that person on the other side of the wall and you purposely trying to find negative thigs. No offence.

With love, your listener Hemlax.

April 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterHemlax

FORUM UPDATE: We now have 7 registered members after 24 hours.. join in on the mayhem guys!


April 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAndrew Gagnon

Hemlax: Your post is appreciated! I also agree that CEA I thought was a home run in many ways.. the maps alone were killers!

Now I have been fortunate enough to a few times speak with Justin off air. He is no question a HUGE Halo fan, and while his approach to H4 might be viewed as "Glass Half Empty" it honestly comes out of him worrying that it might not be a good game. From my dealing with him, I get the vibe hes just concerned it wont be good. While we all worry about the same thing, some of us take the "Glass Half Full" approach.

Also note its not a bad thing to have different approaches to H4 being shown on the show. We all love Halo, but it woudl be dull if we had all yes men or were all doom and gloom. Now of course I want to say none of us are acting.. we are all being honest about how we feel!

I like to say, in fact I have said it on my first appaearance on DH a few episodes back, why I love DH is that often it reminds me of being in a Halo Games lobby with a bunch of buddies shooting the shit.. we all talk passionately and openly about the game, but there is no rehearsal or strict script to adhere to. There is also not holding back.. in a relaxed environment you often just say whats on your mind and then have your buddies debate and often sway you.

Remember that we are now FINALLY out of that dark area between releases where we can only speculate... and now in the phase where we take the things were told and then expand on how and what that could mean! And in the end.. we will only know for sure when we slap the disk into the drive and play November 6th!

Consider DH is a year old... if it were 4 or 5.. bwtween other released fo Halo wed proably find a pattern where Justin will worry and be more on negative side, Travis is constantly laid back.. and where occasional guests like me and Woaf are all perky and positive like fanboys... yet once the game was released.. we were all geared!!!

Dude.. join our forums!

April 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAndrew Gagnon

You got to be motherfucking kidding me. I wrote a long ass comment and.. I dont remember what happend yesterday but I think i forgot to post it. FUCK!

Guess I'll listen to it again :)

Eyy Travis is on too :D

09:00 post black dildos.. bitches love black dildos

20:15 No flood? At all. Not even multiplayer.. the place we have wanted it for year and years.. FUCK EVERYONE.. why cant they make something we've been asking for, for so fucking long? JÆVLA HOMSEFAENSKAP

25:30 why did they have to change Cortana??!??! She was fucking perfect. "Oh hurr a durr we need to make her more hotter so people will jerk off to her hence playing more Halo" fuck you


Why the FUCK would Covenant return and not flood?

37:00 I wish I could work at 343i to stop them doing shit like this


I heard that the BR and DMR were both 5 shot kills


I JUST WANT my drop pod spawn and vehicle and CUSTOM GAME FINDER

50:00 I FUCKING HATE WHEN PEOPLE SAY THAT: Oh if you dont like Halo 4, go play Halo3 .. NO.. A new game was coming out, I wanted to to stay true to halo and not taking directions that other games take... FUCK YOU CALL OF DUTY


1:07:00 I fucking hate it. If people quit. Ban them from playing for 5 min, if they do it again same day, 10 min and so on. DONT CHANGE HOW HALO HAS BEEN FOR LIKE FOREVER FUCK! YOU!

1:11:00 how often it happends? ALL THE FUCKING TIME dude

1:15:00 What do you like about cod?.. WHAT ?! WHAT IS THIS?!

1:23:30 ... theyre not balanced... famas is better than m16. Acr is better than m4 and so on.

1:57:15 i mean call of duty... this is how i see it: "Hey call of duty has alot of retards playing the game.. its popular.. and we are retarded too.. lets copy it hurr durr " FUCK

02:01:00 rugby...


2:24:30 but its still the company as a whole. The guy who says yes to everything that desides stuff.. said yes to it.. and what else would they agree with ? Ponies

2:48:30 PONNEHBOY!!

AND I LISTENED TO IT TWICE.. and got more comments on pappurh.. so its all good. :) GO BAI

April 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSiggi

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