Drunken Halo: Episode 78 - E3 2014 (Part 1 of 2)

Drunken Halo: Episode 77

In this episode, Justin and Travis share their thoughts and feelings on the recent Halo 5 Announcement, as well as speculate on the future of the Halo series.


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Drunken Halo: Episode 76 - "The Shield" Special Edition

In this special episode of Drunken Halo, Justin and Travis are joined by Adam Aizer from the CBS Sports family of podcasts to have a lengthy discussion about our favorite tv show The Shield!!!

***SPOILER ALERTS*** There are spoilers throughout the show, but we are careful to not discuss the ending until 2:00:38 (two hours and thirty eight seconds into the show)

If anyone has a comment or would like to come on to the show for a follow up episode email Justin (justin@drunkenhalo.com) or go to Facebook.com/drunkenhalopodcast

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Drunken Halo: Episode 75

Travis makes his triumphant return to the show after recovering from his surgery. He chose to celebrate this by executing on an idea he’s had since year one of Drunken Halo. HALO RESUMES!!! In this episode, Travis shows us his. Oh yeah… and Justin talks about Batman for a bit at the beginning and being blown away after watching Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker.


Drunken Halo: Episode 74

With Travis recovering from surgery, Justin is joined by a sleepy Dust Storm from Podtacular to discuss Xbox One system updates, and the firing of Marty O’Donnell by Bungie.