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Drunken Halo: Episode 120

In this episode, Justin and Travis discuss what the hell they’ve been up to over the past month, then give their thoughts on the recently released Halo 5 opening cinematic video.

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Hey doods, first off you guys crack my shit up. I've been listening to the podcast for the last few months while I'm at work. I have been a big fan of the halo games since CE came out when I was 11. Played every game and read a couple of the books up until this year when I really started to dive into the lore. I'm definately a guys guys but my true nerd comes out when it comes to halo. Listening to the latest episode I just wanted to help fill yall in on a little and thought it would help. Buck is actually now a Spartan 4. He was recently recruited into the program by Jun, the sniper from halo reach and the lone survivor of Noble Six. As far as we know right now Dr. Halsey is working with Jul Mdama, the leader of a religious covenant covenant group. He is known as the hand of the didact. Halsey and Jul have both pieces of the Janus key, which has the power to activate all forerunner artifacts left in the galaxy. This could be why the guardians are suddenly waking up around the Galaxy. The Chief is one of the original didacts reincarnated by the librarian (short story short) If you'd like me to elaborate some other time I'd be glad to. Lastly, Justin, I am also a fan of the puffy nipple. Travis, I feel like I can relate to you cause I too am Halo nerd with a young kid and a Hot wife. I'd like to bro down with yall sometime and thanks for the work on your podcast keep that shit up. Stay golden.

September 9, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterKreighton Keller

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