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Drunken Halo: Episode 129

In this episode, Justin and Travis discuss commendations, talk about why medals are in the game and then have an achievement discussion to cap off the show.

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This episode is part of Drunken Halo’s SPOILER FREE Halo 5 prelaunch preview week where they will have a new episode for you damn near almost every day!



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As a veteran listener if the show wanted to check in to let both of you know I don't miss any of your shows, which to some regards is nice and on some angles pathetic. When you have been married as long as I have the sex basically stops, so I need outlets. Have I spanked the monkey while listening to one of your shows? Hats a secret only me and my drawer of double ended fun sticks know.

Personally 2 of the most over are individuals ever are Bob Dylan and Steve Jobs, yet I still listen loyally to tour show only because we can agree David Gilmour is king.

On the Halo front. Like you guys I did go back k and forth on wanting hard copy of game, but owning 2 XBones now, getting digital copies allow s Connor and I to play together same game without needing to buy 2 copies, so digital rules for now.

As far as breakout gametype which I know you guys love, let me be clear I do like it alot. Over the summer I managed to play Rainbow 6 Seige Beta a few times and I do love the idea yu are moral and dead means dead. Breadout having this element is great. I surely will get into it but after 24 hours I can say that Halo 5 SWAT has suprisingly been my top gametype for now.

For the first time ever I am looking at a decent rank and a k/d while not over 1.0 is much better than my normal Halo 0.6.

It just may be that Justin and I will no longer be able to claim to be the worst Halo players ever....

Keep up the good work.... and the bad as well I suppose as I find both equally entertaining

As you young kids say... word to your groovy homies

October 28, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterGagnon 39

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