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Drunken Halo: Episode 132

In this episode, Justin and Travis discuss listener feedback, precision weapons, and the range of the radar.


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Thanks for the shout-out in the podcast! Just listened to this episode on my drive and I was pumped! I got a friend request from Traxoline after joining the company as well! Can't wait to play some games.

November 16, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterNotellin

Hey guys,

Long time Halo player and new listener here. Just wanted to say I really enjoy your podcast and throw my two cents into the ring on a couple things you discussed.

On the BR vs DMR issue, I have to agree with Justin that the DMR is more popular than the BR. I think two things account for its lack of presence so far. First, many people have not unlocked the DMR yet. I don't have one yet at rank 40, and I have seen a lot of posts on the waypoint forums from others who don't have it as well. Second, people on waypoint who have the DMR have confirmed that the stock version requires REQ level 6 and advanced variants can be as high as 8. Everyone who has it confirms that it is indeed divine. I agree given my experience from the few I have scavenged or used in Arena.

We will never see as many DMRs due to the REQ requirements, but at this point we are seeing even fewer because many people still do not have it. In short, I think if everyone had both BR and DMR unlocked and they were both REQ level 1, most would choose DMR.

With respect to the radar change...I hate it. Not because it is bad in itself, but because I have over 10 years of experience with something different. In Halo 5 I get jumped by people very near me that I assume aren't there because I don't see them on the radar (and they weren't camping).

Wish I could join the Spartan company, but it is full. If a spot opens up feel free to message me at gamertag Trobo to let me know.

Thanks again for making my commute interesting!


December 3, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterTrobo

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