Going on Green

Justin and Travis discuss what they’ve been up to. Also, Justin recounts a story from Houston.


Dr Ken Bryce MD  1955-2011

In this episode, Justin and Travis are joined by special guest Ted Smith as they reflect on the loss of thier father Dr Ken Bryce MD, and discuss who he was.

Ken Bryce MD 1955-2011

First Drunken JaT Beta Episode Ever

As the title suggests, this is the very first Drunken JaT beta episode ever recorded.  This episode was recorded a good month or so before the first “real” episode was ever posted.  Stay Hard

First Drunken JaT Beta Episode Ever

Drunken Travis

In this episode, Travis & Justin recount the greatest story ever.

Drunken Travis

Sweater Cows

Another great Drunken JaT episode.



Sweater Cows