Kombat Kasting

In this episode, Travis takes us through his casting choices for a new Mortal Kombat Movie. You can download Travis’s Powerpoint presentation by going to the Drunken JaT sidebar on JTPodcasts.com. Or you can click on JTPodcasts.com Files in the top nav bar. Stay Hard

Kombat Kasting

MK2 Kommentary

In this very, ultra, super-duper, extra special episode of Drunken JaT, Justin & Travis do their very first commentary ever.  Which movie you ask?  Only one of the worst movies of all time: Mortal Kombat 2.

MK2 Kommentary

Leading the Way

In this, the 9th edition of Drunken JaT, we do the damn thang! We also explore an interesting hypothetical scenario somewhere towards the end.

Leading the Way

...of all time

Another directionless(is that a word?) episode in which alot of JaTerrey(that IS a word) happened.

...of all time

So, So Drunk (aka Friday)

In this episode, Justin & Travis are joined by Cody & Nate. Good stuff. Also, on behalf of Travis, who edits the show, it was a little harder to get a good mix on this one. Sorry.

So, So Drunk (aka Friday)